Flexible Learning

Learning at home

The Victorian Education Department has developed a fantastic collection of resources to support learning at home. Link to learning at home resources. The main areas covered are:

  • How you can support your child

  • Your child's responsibilities during remote learning

  • Setting up a learning environment

  • Establishing routines and expectations

  • Communicating with your child

  • Advice for parents of children with additional needs

  • Resources and tips

  • Managing screen time and online safety

  • Mental health and wellbeing check-in

A word from our Maths & Literacy Coaches

Video - How to support your child at home with Maths

Video - What is an open ended Maths task?


When listening to children read at home we would like to recommend using the Reinforced Reading method, otherwise known as the Pause, Prompt and Praise.

This approach puts the onus on the student to work out unknown words and promotes independence.

Here is the Link to the downloadable page to guide you through using this technique.


Proposed Daily and Weekly timetable

The school has created a new timetable to adapt to the changing teaching and learning environment. It will be essentially the same for all grade levels.

Monday/Tuesday & Thursday/Friday (Literacy & Numeracy focus)

9:00-9:30 Grades 3-6 students will have class meetings via Google Meet

9:30 Remote Learning Website updated for Prep, 1 & 2, Google Classroom for grades 3-6

9:30-12:30 Students complete daily tasks (this will be flexible depending on your home situation)

12:30-1:00 Grades 3-6 students check-out with teacher

*Students can submit classwork at any time during the day, it does not need to be completed by 12:30.

Wednesday (Specialists Classes and wellbeing focus)

  • Wednesday will provide a break from maths and english and will be an opportunity for students to do their specialists lessons (PE, Art, Music and Chinese).

  • Grades 3-6 will still have class meetings in the morning but will not be updating new content on Wednesday.

How will the day look for our students?

Prep, 1 & 2 (support required)

Curriculum for the junior grades will need to be supported by an adult or other family member.

Time allocation:

  • 45-60 minutes of Literacy (reading, writing, speaking and listening)

  • 30-45 minutes of Numeracy

  • 30-45 minutes of Investigations

  • 30-45 minutes of Physical Activity

Teachers will be providing lots of video tutorials to support lessons and activities.

Grades 3-6 (more independent)

Students have an iPad and have access to their teacher using Google Classroom and Google Meet.

Time allocation:

  • 45-60 minutes of Literacy (reading & writing)

  • 45-60 minutes of Numeracy

  • 30 minutes of Physical Activity

  • 30 minutes of additional curriculum areas

Availability of teachers

  • We are mindful that families will need lots of additional support to manage remote learning. Our staff will be prioritising communication and connection to make sure students still feel part of the school community. Teachers will be available during regular school hours (9:00-3:30) with exception of class and staff meetings. Teachers are generally unavailable on a Wednesday due to scheduled meetings and planning time on this day.

  • Teachers will either be working from home or on-site at school. They will be using their time to have class meetings, give lessons using Google Meet, providing feedback to students and families, meeting with other teachers to plan and create new activities and resources for students. Teachers will also be spending lots of time recording video tutorials for students/families to make learning at home as accessible as possible.

Cybersafety & Technical Support


Please visit the eSafety website. The website is https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents. This site contains essential information about the best way to support students using technology at home. Setting up clear guidelines, expectations and routines will help your child manage screen time and get the most from the amazing technology we have available. It's important to remember that parents are in control of digital devices at home.

COVID-19: an online survival kit parents and carers

Need some technical assistance...?

We understand when learning remotely you may face technical challenges and questions. The Leongatha PS ICT Support team are ready to assist families and students. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback of a technical nature relating to the iPad or the Leongatha PS remote learning website please don’t hesitate to reach out - remotesupport@leongathaps.vic.edu.au